Into The Blue: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa is a highly desirable, touristic location, yet more navigable than other more crowded Cancun coastal beach areas. It’s a sweet spot, well situated for further exploration around the Yucatan Peninsula, depending on length of stay. As beach lovers in need of RnR, we just parked ourselves in a cabana the first few days, rising only to eat and take walks down the sand.

Dreaming. Discovering. Exploring.

Imagining future travel helps maintain a healthy perspective. We’re definitely in a dream stage right now, pondering, planning, marinating on options, perhaps expanding our horizons. Finding new, curiously wonderful destinations boosts spirits and engenders an uplifting mood.

Roaming Close To Home

Rather than delay, let’s stay-cay. America The Beautiful is calling…What better time to explore the bounty within our borders?